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PlasticSeas was founded to assist in the education and direct action to end our current plastic crisis - Over 8 million tons of plastic ends up in our oceans each year, mostly from single use. Every item you buy from us it funds 1kg of plastic being removed from our oceans, seas and rivers. It also supports Ghanaian craftsmen and women who make the beads for our bracelets from recycled glass bottles and audio cassette tapes.
Plastic Removal (Target 10,000kg)
Glass Bottles Recycled (Target 10,000)
Donations to Charity (Target £10,000)

Bracelets and Tees

Earth, Wind and Water - Made from Recycled glass bottles and discarded fishing nets by Ghanaian Craftsmen! Supersoft Organic cotton tees made under the Fair Wear agreement ~ Each one funds 1kg of plastic removal!

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